Flow of Energy®

Where in your life do you wish to improve? At which corners is your life blocked or doesn’t run the way you would like it to run? What is the soul conflict behind a disease?

In the Flow of Energy® workshops you have the opportunity to recognize, where you follow unconscious negativ life patterns. It doesn’t matter, wether it is a physical or emotional problem – there is always a negativ self-concept behind it that can be discovered and healed.

I will show you the core of your problem very clear and determined and what happened in you to create it. It is not necessary to dig into the all depths of your mind, but only solve what is in the way of your life. Whatever it is it will be brought into your consciousness during the process of the workshop and then can be healed.

I combine processes with energetic healing and sometimes only to realize, what truly is going on will dissolve the blockade.

The Flow of Energy® method is very effective and real changes in your life occure often in a short time after the workshop. You may look at the testimonials.