Bengt Thomson

I am Physiotherapist and Naturopath since more then 25 years. Since 1998 I work in my own practice in Hamburg.

My ambition is to offer my clients a complete healing program that not only supports profoundly the body, but although is helping to clear emotional backgrounds of diseases or other Problems.  I am trained and certified in Shiatsu, Chiropractic, Feet Reflexology, Light Grid Work, …  read more

Flow of Energy®

Where in your life do you wish to improve? At which corners is your life blocked or doesn’t run the way you would like it to run? What is the soul conflict behind a disease?

In the Flow of Energy ® workshops you have the opportunity to recognize, where you follow unconscious negativ life Patterns … read more

Dates for Workshops

Workshops and Groups in Hamburg, Berlin und Duesseldorf.

The Flow of Energy® workshop was created to do, what the name suggests: To bring back the flow into your life.

All problems, diseases and blockades of any kind are created from us because of believe sentences, that we unconsciously created in the past … read more